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Gackt questions.


22 Nov 2002
Okay, theres no deniying that Gackt is a god looks wise - the man is obviously one of the most beautiful creatures ever put on this earth. However, thats not reason to start listening to his music if its not any good. So, as recommendation from a couple of people here and a few friends, I've started checking out his music. Now, I've heard 5 songs so far, and the two that I absolutely adore (Secret Garden and Sayonara) are both from the same album (Rebirth). What I want to know is, is this style of music common to that particular album or does he just occasionally have these bursts of great songs within each album? The other songs I've heard were really mellow (for my tastes), cheesy and kinda dull so I don't want to go and buy an album if three quarters of it aren't going to appeal to me.

So, Gackt fans.. heres your chance to shine and drag me into the world of Gackt loving.. <laughs>


well..gackt's solo career is very different from gackt's career with malice mizer. With Malice Mizer, he was very calm and slow...I personally never thought any of it was cheesy, though. As he went solo, his music slowly changed, though at first it was a tad slow, as to draw in the fans from Malice Mizer. His music is a lot faster and upbeat now.... I hope I helped...
XOXO, Sheena🙂
Yes.. Gackt = yummy!

Well, I quite like the slow stuff.. I just like it heavy and slow. If that makes any sense! My favourite Jrock band are Dir en Grey so that gives you an idea of what kind of music I like. I've only heard one Malice Mizer track so far so have really only heard his solo stuff. I assume you either have, or have heard the album Rebirth.. would you recommend buying it?

OK... Adobe Photoshop does some really excellent image manipulation, but as Aerosmith wrote, this guy "looks like a lady!"

OK... OK... He definitely is trying to look more like a man now. Check out this recent Fuji Film TV commercial starring Gackt:

RealVideo: http://www.fujifilm.co.jp/fdi/digicam/cm/fdi_0203b_bb.ram

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Of course! My ideal guy would be a girly one (I fancy Dir en Grey.. that says it all!). Its perhaps all down to the fact I'm bisexual but tilted more towards men.. so girly guys give me the best of both worlds.

Something tells me Gackt would be gorgeous in or out of makeup dressing girly or blokey. It would be good to see his new movie but theres no chance of it coming out in the UK. Guess I'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD and import it from Japan or something!

Aside all this.. I need to know more about his music!

I've lost track of Gackt after he left Malice Mizer. He went all pop and that's also the main reason he left Malice Mizer. He didn't agree with the more classical approach that the rest of the band preferred.

I think you could say that every JPop act has bursts of good songs amid the mediocre songs. Doesn't mean the mediocre songs are bad and it's also a matter of taste. Gackt has some pretty good uptempo songs, some cheesy poptunes and ballads that are nice if you're in the mood. Then again, same goes for Malice Mizer. Try listening to the Merveilles album and you'll know what i mean.
Mars is one of my favorite Albums released by Gackt -if your interested try Emu ~for my dears or Dears ^^ they're great songs. Also - juuni gatsu no LOVE SONG is being re-released in Dec. so maybe get a hold on that too ^^
Hehehe. Okay! Lots of songs to check out. A lot of his new stuff seems to make its way to the Japan centre here in London so I should be able to get hold of it quite easily (at an excessive price!)

Well, went to the Japan centre, checked out the CD's and managed to get "Moon" by Gackt - I think its the 1st press because its larger than normal CD's in what looks like a slip case - I haven't opened it yet because I only just got back in and *think* I might be forced by my sister to wrap it up and have it as an Xmas present (shouldn't be buying things for myself so near Xmas! <laughs>) If I DO open it, I'll let you know what its like!

Where exactly is that Japan Centre located in London? Sounds like a very interesting place to go shopping. :)
Its just down the road from where I live. Its at Piccadilly Circus, right next to a huge Japanese department store that has a Japanese bookstore on the ground floor (the rest is all English stuff for Japanese tourists).

And I did open the Gackt CD and its this massively thick card photo book with the CD on the back page. Its even got instructions to tell you how to get the CD out, as well as a booklet about the tracks and such. It definately looks like 1st press material!

I have other question for you. Is he always that cool?? I mean, it seem that he don't have any emotions. Well i only seen him once, so.. plz.. tell me.
I've seen a clip of an interview he did on TV in which he cracks up a little after stating that he was a "magnum"!!! Aside from that, I've just seen him looking dark and emotionless.
He often appears on TV and I sometimes see him laughing.
But he almost talks expressonessly, that is rather funny for us!
I think he has a sense of humor.
NOW He stars in the "MOON CHILD" with hyde!
this is MOON CHILD Official site.


and his latest album, MOON is so nice!

I like Secret Garden, too! ;)
Honestly... his expression makes me... I don't know. A little bit funny, scary, spooky, etc. Does he always expressionless like that? What I mean is at his concert.
Well, you have to take into consideration that it's all one big act. Especially on the podium. With Malice Mizer it was more like watching a musical then an ordinary rock-concert. He probably learned a lot about acting in that period.
but! but!! look at the Mars tour... Vanilla and U+K live showed Gackt being everything but stoic... o_O o_O @.@ even in Malice Mizer he did some weird stuff (like those funny head bob things during Illuminati live...)
when he does get all serious it can be really funny too (like in his Monster's Inc. CM... or the one for e-ma candies where he throws the candy at his shoulder~!! (what a dork... gotta love him tho'))
I wouldn't call Gackt's music "pop" any longer...it's definitely rock.
Actually, it's very progressive in it's nature, the arrangements are extremely complex...
(people used to call this kind of music "art rock" in the 70s)

Moon is his best release so far, I think...
I just wish I could write stuff on such a level. -_-;
Well, in my opinion Gackt is a very funny person. But it's right, he often looks quite... cold? That's because of his 'image'. I can't describe it ~.~" I think his time with Malice Mizer has to do with it...
You should watch some Utaban interviews, then you see what kind of 'magnum' he is X'D
Been watching Gackt on Hey!Hey!Hey! and the Downtown duo are always trying to trip him up and make him laugh, I think because of his "forced" stoic nature....he is a damned good billiards player and seems to enjoy eating gyouza (when other people are busy making it).
However, when it comes to his music, he reminds me of emulating David Bowie, and the cover on his Moon album seems to confirm that (the zombie look). Also his singing style reminds me of Bowie, too, along with the cool attitude, although Bowie appears more candid than Gackt.....
I dunno....I tend to like his interviews more than his songs, but that's just me.....
so who knows about his voice acting in the anime (upcoming?) for Hokuto no ken?
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