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Gackt game play!


1 Oct 2003
For all of the Gackt fans out there, listen up! There's a new game called Bujingai and the hero of the game is specifically modeled after Gackt!

Here's the link to screenshots of the game and of Lau Wang Rau (aka Gackt). Click here for Gackt goodness.

:auch: It sucks that you'll most likely have to buy an imported PS2 just to play the damn game. *Le sigh* Screenshots have to do for now.
I am so excited about this~
When I first saw the news in a gaming magazine, I was about to jump of joy right where I was standing...

It seems like the genre fits me well, too~! I like this DMC-type action games. It's the cool atmosphere aboput them, that I just can't help but to love.
I so wanna play this game~
Bujingai, an unfinished Japanese game that is using Gackt as the model of the main character...There are some pictures of him below and I have also provided a link to some info ^_^;

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OMG! :) Oh man, I'm not sure if I want to se that game... Squall is a Gackt wanna-be, isn't that enough? Gackt is making his best moves on stage, not in PS2.
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