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Gackt and Hyde to star in movie


That man in the corner
15 Mar 2002
I haven't seen this confirmed yet, but several sources report that the former Malice Mizer vocalist Gackt Camui and L'Arc~en~Ciel vocalist Hyde are going to star in a movie together.

The working title of this movie is "Moon" and it's supposed to be released in spring 2003.
Peter, it is already official news. The movie is entitled "Moon" and will be situated in an fictious Asian city of the near future (director Yoshihisa Seze). Gackt also participates in writing the script. Also starring: Hyde (from L'Arc-en-Ciel), Etsushi Toyokawa, Ryo Ishibashi, Taro Yamamoto.

Gackt plays an orphan rising to become a mafia boss. Considering the fact that neither Gackt nor Hyde have any acting experience, I am looking forward to seeing the movie.

It will be released in spring 2003.
Makes me think of all these silly movies done by the Beatles, Stones, Monkees, etc, haha. :D

Well, at least the subject seems to be more serious in Gackt's case.
ummm, many singers cross over and become TV personalities.
Currently Gackt is in 2 commercials.

makes you wonder ....
I wouldn't be surprised if it will be taped, fansubbed and available on the net within a week of it's release.
This weekend i heard this kind of rapid bootlegging happens with popular animテゥ-series these days, so it's bound to happen with a movie of this magnitude.
Originally posted by Clownfish
I can't wait to watch this movie man >_<!!
hope that it will be release in singapore~

...I will be absolutely surprised.....maybe I am the one thaht can never find anything... :(
Here is the official website of the movie. It's in Japanese but offers nice images and trailers. A must for Gackt fans:



no one's posted anything here for awhile, but I hope you are all still checking up on the Moon Child website occasionally! so many revamps!! and new things!! the goods section is up... ::arghh:: i want it all...!! (did you see the photo book? and the cd-rom!? and those calendars, oh...!!) but i'll probably have to either wait and pay exorbitant prices on eBay or go w/o... so far i've only found one site offering overseas shipment of some of the goods, (http://www.visualshop.com.tw) in case anyone's interested (i myself would have to brush up on my Chinese first... lol...)

oh yes, and (you probably know this already, but...) WE HAVE A DATE!! 4/19!!!
Gackt is a crack up.....always trying to be a David Bowie wannabe....must admit he does sing better than the average j-popper.....
really got a good laugh on the HeyHeyHey show when Gackt was invited to join in on the gyouza dining episode.....or the billiards challenge episode.....he tries to act so cool all the time that I can see why the Downtown duo want to make fun of him.... :D
I can't wait to see Hyde in movie -"Moon Child", but sadly will not be released in Britain.(Sniff) So will have to wait ages for it to go to DVD and then get someone to send me one. Also L'arc-en-ciel getting back together for one last concert this Summer. I really want to go see them! I really LOVE Hyde!
I wonder if Hyde and Gackt are on soundtrack to movie?
Gackt's cool in those shows man! I remember one where he was telling that making dinner took him 4 days. OK, anyway, it was fun to watch! Rasafrasa...
I wanna watch it, I wanna watch it *__*
It's really mean that it will not appear in Germany -_- So~ ... XD In which way can you get movies, too? ^.^"

I mean what shall I do? テ俳 I like Gackt...

Mad world... fans _have to_ do bad things ~.~
Well, it's bound to be released on DVD within a few months and then you can order it at CD-Japan. Hopefully with English subs.
I don't know, I don't know much about him. But everyone is entitled to their opinions. So everyone has different tastes. So he appeals to some people and some not. I can't judge him yet because I don't know anything about him, but I will probably buy his CD to see if it's any good.
I myself am madly in love with Hyde from L'Arc-en-Ciel.😍

Watashi mo hyde daisuki desu yo!!!!😍 😊 😍
Gackt seems so elegant and cool, and a little arrogant. I think that the real Gackt maybe fun, but the image he creates for himself is not what I really like. :cautious: Nevertheless, hyde on the other hand is more my type. He's hot and fun and shy and cute!! I have been a hyde/Laruku fan for six years so far!!! ;)
Heh, i've heard from several sources that the members of Laruku are regarded in Japan as quite arrogant.

But i guess you can't tell what image is and what's real, until you've met them personally. And even if you were to meet them for real, it would have to be in an informal situation to be sure. And even then it would depend on the person whether they want to show to you who they really are.

Let's face it, life is one big show. :D
The move is coming out July 14th, so no one has seen it yet. Ya, I saw some pictures of Gackt at the official website and he looks hot. So does Hyde. I love them. They are so friggin cute. ^___^
i saw MOON CHILD and I was so impressed.
Gackt was really funny,I'd never seen screaming Gackt then.
Hyde showed his presence on the screen.

I want to see it again!
it's still on screen.
Actually, it's been playing since April in Japan.
I think there's a list of theatres on the official Moon Child website
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