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Future of JREF = Deletion of Chit Chat & Misc?


13 Oct 2003
Just wondering about this..Since it's hard to argue that the majority of posts in this section of the forum are Japan-oriented.

It also makes me wonder what will happen to people like Winter😊

I'm sure we all can adapt to changes and keep our love of Japan & Japanese things top priority! Maybe use PM's to remind each other when we stray in the wrong direction. I think all of us have friends on the Forum we don't want to lose and new people come on everyday to become new friends. I think we have our own little world here that is great to escape our daily blahs. Lets all do all we can to keep things going well and go along with the changes to make things better!!
I'm now holding a gun to my head!! If you all don't keep things happy I'll shoot the poor dumb guy!!


Winter will still be here. Its not likely that the closing of a forum is enough to drive Winter away.

I'll just stick to the J-entertainment portions of the boards, anime/music/movies. Just because I dont say much in there, doesnt mean I dont have much to say in them.

Besides, it was the Jpop area that kept me at this site anyway, not the chit-chat area.

And anyway Sacred, what do you really care what happens to me? You shouldnt.
Frank is right on track that these are the kinds of things that should be kept to PMs imho. :D
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