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Event FUTSAL games every weekend in central Osaka!!!

Andy Marsden

26 Feb 2016
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Looking to play futsal? Lookin to play in a central location in Osaka? OPPSAT sports group gives you a fun, friendly, very reasonably priced experience every weekend (usually on a Sunday). You dont have to be good (actually im a very average player myself), in fact if you have never played before our experienced members with assist you!!:)
My name is Andy Marsden and im from Australia and I love having a chat and a kick.
We at OPPSAT sports are very helpful, friendly people, so DONT BE SHY come along this Sunday and have a kick around. If you like it come back again:)
PS: We have a kick around for the first 15mins then will have small tournament style games with 5 teams. The teams will be obviously evenly matched and the winners get a small prize!!:)
Please see all the details for the next game on OPPSAT - Osaka Pool/billiards, Poker, Soccer And Touch Rugby (Osaka)- Meetup

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