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15 Apr 2002
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furoshiki -- traditionally a silk scarf like yet much bigger and square sized, used as a wrap to hold and carry things.

I took a futon to the coin laundry tonight for my mother-in-law and she wrapped it in a furoshiki. While driving down the street I was wool gathering as usual and remembered my Introduction to Japan 101 class.

We were introduced to Japan through a furoshiki.

I forgot most of the lesson but in essence Japan is like a furoshiki
Japan as furoshiki, I like that comparison.

Nahoko was very impressed by your "courage" to take a futon to the coin laundry. :)
@ furoshiki
It was my teacher's comparison so I can't take credit for it.

The futon is a summer variety so there isn't much down in it thereby not so difficult to clean. Hmmm, or were you refering to a different type of "courage"?
lol you two are so amuseing, I laughted so hard it hurt my sides, lolol, (I mean that as a compliment on humour) "li yo" (spell?) I'm trying to say "way to go"
@moyashi, I'm sorry🙂 , you both make me laugh sometimes, I never know what you are going to say, at times its so unpredictable its funny, (to explain myself) I'm referring to your last sentence
or were you refering to a different type of "courage"?
now! thats a belter🙂 🙂
Here's something from the Ministry of the Environment this year:

Ms Yuriko Koike, Minister of the Environment, created the "Mottainai Furoshiki" as a symbol of Japanese culture to reduce waste. Furoshiki is a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is used repeatedly in a stylish way.


The utilization of this "Mottainai Furoshiki" will contribute to reducing household waste from plastic bags.

Well, thank you Ms.Koike. But how do we use it?


Oh I see! I can't just dry myself with it like a towel.

But surely our friend Yuriko has missed some important uses of the "Mottainai Furoshiki" which although may not save the environment will certainly have an impact on it:

  • a sling - a la David and Goliath....very stylish...very useful sometimes.

  • a whipping towel to be used when slightly damp and flicked at bare skin...ouch!

  • a handy drink carrier... no hang on that won't work....no where to twist on the lid.

  • I could wrap up all my belongings in it and carry them on the end of an environmentally friendly tree branch.

  • Er....?

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