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Funny Teeth...


Emperor Gakihito
3 Jul 2003
Just an observation i've made lately, that some Japanese girls have really bent teeth...

Dont they have braces in Japan ?

Kinda thought since alot of them are quite vain they would at least fix their teeth instead of buying a Gucci bag...

Oh and before someone starts moaning at me about how every Japanese person they know has straight teeth, i'm talking about the ones with bent teeth ok ?

I noticed the same thing, Gaki. My husband once told me that they thought a crooked tooth in the front was "cute". You know, like the canine/eye tooth sticking out. I once asked my husband why didn't they get that fixed, and he was like "oh, it's so cute".

I thought it was really interesting. Especially after my parents spent a lot of money on not one, but on two sets of braces for me. I think they think braces aren't necessary. Only if their teeth are so crooked they can't function, will they actually put braces on their teeth. I know, I know...difficult to understand. Difficult for me to understand too.

Also, I've noticed a lot of their teeth are bad, not just crooked. Of all the Japanese people I've known, almost every single one had a mouth completely full of crowns, fillings, all of that stuff. I sometimes tell my husband he has Terminator teeth, because almost all of his teeth in his mouth are silver except for maybe the front 6 on the top and the bottom. I have often wondered why their teeth were so bad. Is it the diet maybe?
It's cute ? o_O;;

Kinda scares me when you see a really cute girl then she smiles and *POW* crooked teeth (O_O;; )

Each to his/her own i suppose ^^;
Originally posted by Gaki
It's cute ? o_O;;

Kinda scares me when you see a really cute girl then she smiles and *POW* crooked teeth (O_O;; )

Each to his/her own i suppose ^^;

Yeah, that's what I thought too, but yeah...each to their own...
dentists in Japan are quacks...when I was there, I've had many unnecessary dental work done just to have a check up, and many of them are like dental assistants rather than actual dentists....took this one dentist and hour and a half to try to remove one wisdom tooth I had and he only managed to get only the top crown section off...had another one scrape off the crown so he could put a filling in, when there was nothing wrong with the tooth (did that to at least 5 of my teeth I found out later)...and there is no preventative care done in Japan, so you go to them only after you have cavities...think the J-dentist scene is at least 30 years behind the US...especially in the ethical dept... :(

yeah, US dentists may charge more, but if you find a good one, they are worth it!
Leaving aside the comments on dental treatment (for many years it has lagged behind other developed countries, but things are getting a lot better), yes it is something of a cultural thing. The perfect, straight white smile isn't considered so important in Japan. And yes, many people consider teeth that stick out to be kinda cute!

Just to clarify, "crooked" teeth are not cute in Japan. It's the "yaeba" or double canine that's considered cute and only if it's not too extreme. Otherwise it becomes an "oniba" (devil's tooth or fang).

Kind of like how some people find a small gap between the front teeth (like Arnold Schwarzenegger's) to be cute.

ya that was one of the first things i noticed when i saw some pics of tokyo and the ppl there. also my step-dads, aunt had two japanese teachers from okinawa staying with here to learn english in the school. and they had crooked teeth two. i was thinking why doesn't such an industrialized nation have better dental care. but nowi kno they think its cute, so huh all i can do i scratch my head.

and wat exactly do u mean by "yaeba" or double canine, cuz i think i have that very very slightly.
The yaeba/double-tooth is a tooth where the canine overlaps with another tooth and sticks out slightly. (Like in the picture I included earlier.) They're not both canine teeth.
yeah I noticed their teeth too. I suppose if they're happy with them and they don't cause problems eating, it's saving them a lot of money! ;)
I always complained my canine (??) is kinda vampirish but here they tell me it's cute..... but I'm lucky besides that and haven't had to have braces - wow that's expensive!!
I REALLY don't want to go to the dentist here because I've heard many horror stories plus Japan isn't big on pain killers -ouch
I think it's hot, you know what I find really hot? I was at the grocery store yesterday and this Japanese girl in front of me had this mini-skirt on, ok the mini-skirt wasen't what I found to be hot, but you know what I did find realllly hot? She had bruises all over her legs, I was sooooooo turned on by that, it's kinda messed up if I think about it but yeah I don't care about the teeth because I'm not going after their faces half the time.


*waves away*
i saw this girl and she had the denim applejack hat, with the burgundy leather (pleather?) shaft jacket
and couldn't see her eyes
heads and shoulders taller than all of her friends that were talking to her rather animatedly, and she nodding in agreement
why wasn't she in a model shoot somewhere? could she have escaped notice? this is shibuya...
I've also noticed this.

Honestly I don't think it looks that great but it's not really bad unless they're severly messed up. I wouldn't exactly want a guy with a totally crooked smile. :/ I guess if he was cute pretty much everywhere else though I could put up with it but I'd hope that one day he'd get braces to fix it.
Asked someone once "when do you go to the dentist?" and the answer was "when it hurts." I also think braces for braces sake are a bad idea, but I do believe in regular cleanings. In a country that where people brush teeth religiously after every meal, you would think a bi-yearly trip to the dentist would not be so strange. Plus a good cleaning every now and then stops all that filling and crowning stuff, wisdom teeth come out before the root takes hold, and all sorts of other stuff gets taken care of. I guess it comes down to pain/wallet tollerance. It is cheaper to hurt, but you'll be happier healthy (and a bit poorer).

I don't think it is diet that messes up so many teeth here. I was weaned on the sugar foods of the US and have had only one cavity filled. I also visited the dentist about once every eight months for cleaning and check-ups. My girlfriend has had about 6 cavities, doesn't like sweet foods, and only goes to the dentist if you drag her there. It may have something to do with quack dentists like Den4 came across.

The problem with those teeth that stick out is they can be really hard to clean behind, damaging the other teeth, and resulting in major work when it needs to come out around age 30. Major, painful work.

Want to live like a king/queen in Japan? Become a dentist and convice housewives they need to get their family regular cleanings i.e. start the next health fad. You will have as much job security as grave diggers (or rather crematorium workers).
well really braces are a very american thing, tooth care is an insane scam. And by tooth care I mean braces and such. It is just strange that we do such things and pay thousands of dollars for braces because most countries in the world (and i mean the developed ones) do not use braces most of the time. It is just a stupid scam, but I'm not one to talk because I never needed braces so I don't know what its like.
Orthodontics is a horrible field. I got my braces off 6 months ago, which at times are horribly painful and inhibit your eating of solids for a few days. Now they want me to wear a retainer so my teeth don't move back to their original position. Now this makes sense and is very logical but in all seriousness, a HUGE pain in the ***. Being one bent on the hedonist, academic lifestyle, I did what felt best, didn't wear the retainer. Now I must go back to the orthodontist every 3 months, which I dread, and get a huge guilt trip of how my parents spent thousands of dollars and now its just all going down the hole and my teeth will just move back to their original position. Well let me say, their original position wasn't a horrible problem to begin with, we were just convinced they were. So now as my teeth minutely migrate crooked again because of my lack in "dedication", I feel guilty for my laziness but this is also complimented by anger whcih I feel towards the orthodontic medicine. I mean, yea, some people really need braces and you grimace when you see their face ;) but Americans are just a little too gungho on the whole idea. While in Japan I did notice a great need for orthodontics though. I noticed very few with straight teeth, but many, much more then America, who had durastically over-crooked teeth.
I would agree with you, Vicious Brutality, in that orthodontics is a big money-making business. It can definitely be crooked, so to speak, just like anything else.

Take me, for instance. I got my first set of braces on when I was just 11 years old. My orthodontist knew they would only be on a couple of years to correct my teeth, which weren't so bad. Well, at 13 when they came off, I (like many others) had not finished growing by a longshot! Of course, being the way that I was(and am still), I did not wear my retainer like I should have when they came off and they then shifted. Well, he then talked us into getting them one more time(because I didn't wear my retainer properly, of course), so I had braces on my teeth almost my entire junior high/high school career. Which roughly cost about $4,000, I would say.

Of course, it wound up that all of that was done in vain. I was racing on my bike one day, fell off, and knocked 2 of my front teeth out and wound up having to get about $5,000 worth of dental work to replace the teeth that we had worked so hard to straighten out. Trティs ironique, n'est-ce pas?
hey, is fluoride in the water over there? i've seen vitamins for sale, but i haven't seen anybody taking them (but if they are for sale, someone is buying them, yes i know :))
what about the diet in general?
Hmm I dunno about fluoride..I wouldn't bet on it..Even though this is from awhile ago I pretty much agree with Josh, some girls with teeth like that look pretty damn cute.
Under the American influence, Japanese people 's taste in beautiful look is changing. In the 80s, most Japanese T.V. stars had crooked teeth. Nowadays, popular actresses like Kyoko Fukada, Nanako Matsushima, Rena Tenaka and numerous others "begin" to have straight teeth. Although the American-born Utada Hikaru apparently didn't get her teeth fixed in some photos. Her teeth is straightened by the computer in most of her pictures. Therefore, I think Japanese people will soon pick up the trend.
The tooth problem is a genetic thing. For some reason the Japanese evolved a tendancy toward having mouths that are too small to contain all their teeth. I wonder why.
my friends that moved here have pretty straight looking teeth
but they only go when/if they have a toothache? so its not like they're being fixed here?
i want to think about the last two posts for a bit, hmm
as for the fluoride thing, im not sure whats exactly in the water, but i remember there being some talk a year or two ago about adding more chemicals to their tap water. i remember japanese tap water was pretty damn nice - 100 times better than the tap water in my city, which could pass for weak swimming pool water.

Originally posted by Jean-Francois
..American-born Utada Hikaru apparently didn't get her teeth fixed in some photos. Her teeth is straightened by the computer in most of her pictures. Therefore, I think Japanese people will soon pick up the trend.
you think japanese people will pick up on the trend of digitally getting the teeth straightened??? interesting...
yeah... my wife has crooked teeth too (Japanese wife so it fits the topic) anyways, her mom told me that she wanted her to get braces but left it up to my wife to decide (this is when she was really young) and since she was small she didn't like the dentist and told her mom no, and her mom said well you will end up with bad teeth, and she was like "I don't care"

ohh well.. It happens. Hopefully I can get her in there to fix them sometime....

I prefer straight teeth... but it's not all I look for either...
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