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Funniest Nokia!

5th and 6th picture.....

okay if i don't find out what that guys name is in the mtom sig(guy with the cross...i forget his name) i'm gonnal lose it. its been erking me ever since i've seen the sig a couple days ago.
"..the streets grooaaan with little Napoleons and Ceasars and c_nts with their building blocks and their tiny plastic phones..." [Cave.N]
The N*Gage cuase who in there right mind would pay 300 dollars for a little s***y thing like that! LMAO! It so small and cheap yet you pay 300 for it!!!! :D :D :D
For the (geek) lady who cannot afford to miss the latest: :D

Check also the Nokia press centre at: http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,8764,33324,00.html
How many of you actually knows that NOKIA is from Finland, not from Japan?
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