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Funky Street Fashion

Slick design, shame about the awkward navigation. Texts are also quite hard to read.
there's just a pic in there? Or i gotta press any button to enter the site? Comment bout the site - pretty unique

Sooo many pictures, so wonderful to watch them, so beautiful, so useful, so fascinating...loved them!
Especially the little children...japanese little children must be the cutest..!

I also find sites like this quite useful for me, since I have had a serious thought of making up my thesis about japanese street fashion,or something that might possibly involve it and traditional clothing somehow. I bookmarked this one as one of my favourites.

I'm just wondering, how do the teenagers react on strange people taking pictures of them? I'm just wondering, If I ever get the chance... ;)

P.S. Some of those street fashion pics showed these shoes with really thick sole,like 20cm, and flat...believe it or not, I've been hunting for those shoes (black) for ages, and you just _can't_ get them in Finland/Scandinavia (and buffalo shoes don't make them anymore)...does anyone know,are they still selling those in Japan? How expensive are they?
Hi Chipi,

Good to hear from you. I'm glad you like the website, your feedback is most appreciated be it for or against the site. It all helps. Did you like the Blythe doll shots? I really enjoy photgraphing her, regretfully I only have the one doll I bought a few years back. I have scaned an extra 130 images for the street fashion section. will try to get them loaded as soon as I can.

The Boots you like aren't as popular now, girls especially in this weather are going for sandals & mules, more sexier, more feminine, more confortable & flattering I suppose. You can still get them I would think in the 109 in Shibuya in Tokyo. I don't know where you're from, do let me know but in the UK you can still get them from Camden Market but I would try EBay best bet for now. If I can find an exact shop still selling them, will let you know.
Keep in touch.
Fro Pat
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patman, really like the site. I think it looks really good. The navigation does take a little getting used to. I especially liked the section on the maiko.
Thank you Ami for your Kind words. The site is quite big, much going on in there so dive in from time to time, just Like Tokyo & Osaka looks cool much going on but when you go back time & time againg you see stuff you missed before. It was always there but you become sensitive to it, taking into ones heart much like friendship. Do keep in touch. ^_^

From Pat
Hay Budd dude, door 3? Nani Nani? Am I being a think geeze or what? Hope you liked what's behind the door where Jpassion flows.
All the best dude.
Ja ne ! Pat
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