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Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Found the page linked below on another board and bookmarked it a few days ago. Btw, fundoshi are Japanese loin clothes, see the sexy pics at that page, lol.

=> http://plaza18.mbn.or.jp/~yoshiki/akaba/index23.htm

The best part reads as follows (this guy is serious):


Fundoshi-the thing Japanese men must absolutely preserve .

Basically Fundoshi is not for foreigners ,but for only Japanese men.

I personally do not want any foreigners to put on Fundoshi.

It is the traditional underwear Japan has to be proud of and the thing we have to preserve as a Japanese culture. However, since Meiji Era ,Japan has been westernized and after the World War 2nd , everything from Janpanse blade to this underwear was regarded as the fossils of Japanese Imprerial Military . Japan gradually came to think them the ancient ruins.

Full well do I know Japanese men took the choice of Fundoshi or Boxer Pants at thier own will, still but I firmly believe the U.S.A, the winner of the war,is responsible for the disapperance of Fundoshis. Seemingly,the USA did not force Japanese to sweep the Fundoshis,but burning the land with a large number of bombs from B29 and prohibiting martial arts / revenge fictions like Chushingura in public under the contorol of GHQ, finally they got out the Japanese traditional spirits as if they cut pennis of Japanese Men !

I think this is the most embarrassed experience Japanese men ever had.

Japan lost the war and lost many things ..Fundoshi.,too. Still it is lamentable that a large number of Japanese men do not recongnize the fact. Japanese men ! do not forget Fundoshis, nor the Japanese spirits ! The missions Japanese men have to complete is to look for the lost cultures of our homeland and to let the foreigners know the Fundoshis &how smart it is to put on them.

If USA thinks the fundoshis nice ,I ask them to recongnize the below,

Do not look down on Fundoshi users in Japan . Do not think it a barbarous underwear . Do not try to put on them ,for Fundoshis are not becoming to foreigners at all. (Image Gaijin Sumo Wrestler ,Akebono .) Americans are not qualifiied to talk about Fundoshi,( apart from Atomic Bombs' drop to Hiroshima & Nagasaki ,they tried to sweep the japanese underwear.)

And If some foreigners agree with me, all they have to do is to announce that not they but Japanese men are absolutely responsible for the preservation of Fundoshi. This is what I want them to appeal to Japanese men.

Fundoshi is the sacred fortress Japanese men must defend and something untouchable for foreigners.
Here's an example of the sacred fortress Japanese men must defend. The sword has *of course* no phallic allusion. And please forgive me my sarcasm.

No, as stated above, he is dead serious about his statements. Interesting read, ne?
Welll, if it makes him happy, I promise not to use his fundoshi if he promises not to use my boxers. It's only fair, isn't it?

Finally the Western conspiracy has been unveiled: not only did the Allies drop nuclear bombs onto Japan, no, they were - and probably still are - scheming to "sweep fundoshi". Oh well, back to my boxer shorts then!
Fanatical Japanese guy I bet. I've seen these types before. They make me laugh.

Anybody see Fundoshi-Sensei on TV? A comedian who goes off on this routine of playing rock-scisorrs-paper with girls. The looser looses a piece of clothing. Well, needless to say the girls end up in just bikini ... if they win they get a chance to win a prize. Another routine he does is flip girls over (you know the airplane routine? You lay on your back and raise you legs up, the other person lays belly down on your feet and you then hold their arms for their balance.) Well, anyway, he flips women over and you normally get a possible triangle shot ... that's if the TV show didn't block it out.

Personally I'll skip on the fundoshi, I've never been a male T-Back fan anyways.
With all due respect, they really do not seem so bad!! do any of you remember "Y fronts"??? hahaha,, now they were awful!, :eek: yellow pairs with the purple "Y" at the front (hehe) god the choice of colours where so awfull or the red ones with the white "Y" at the front,, lolol the fundoshi seems quite reserved compared to some of the "Y" fronts my poor "Mother had to wash for 7 men" lolol,, sorry my sense of humour is going off on one, (hehe) 🙂
Do any of you living in Japan actually know of any average men, other than TV comedians and Ojisan's, who still wear fundoshi on a regular basis? My father-in-law only wears briefs, and my brother-in-law only wears boxers.
Nope, probably the convenice of putting one-leg at a time in is probably the quickest. Plus, I bet trousers and a fundoshi give you terrible wedges.

The guy who wrote that is defintitely Japanese and probably wears boxers because lot's of Japanese women laugh at briefs. Current trend is only elementary kids wear briefs until 4th grade then the boxers are in.
I guess my father-in-law is of the older generation who never caught on to the whole hip-hop boxer craze. Personally I don't like boxers myself... but then again, if I had to choose between fundoshi and boxers... I would choose the boxers.
FYI: I only wear briefs too. :)

[...] because lot's of Japanese women laugh at briefs.

Seems to apply to swim trunks too. Japanese men wear these long boxer-like shorts at the beach. We were once at the seaside somewhere in Chiba, not only was I the only gaijin in sight, I was also the only one with these brief tight things, I believe they are called racers or so. It caught a lot of attention and my wife was so ashamed of me, hehe.
I wear knee length board shorts as swimming trunks, and wouldn't be caught dead in a Speedo. But underwear is different. Briefs are very comfortable and offer the support needed for an active day. All fundoshi do is cover our privates from sight.
Ugh... i'm reading things here that i really don't want to know about... 😲

BTW boxers are the way to go for me. :gulp:
Originally posted by Twisted
Ugh... i'm reading things here that i really don't want to know about...

Don't worry, Peter, we won't post any pics. :D
Ugh, I'm brief wearer but the pressure is tough when you're the only one after a great hockey game that has briefs on.

I like the brief boxer types actually.

Briefs are always a target for comedians.

@ swim wear
speedo types went out with the 80's. Look at old video clips, bikini types for men were just like in Euorpe at the same time but the Californian surf board baggies become popular along with surfing.
Forgive me (a woman intruding on a male subject)🙂
I'm sitting having a laugh at all you men, maybe us women should have a which do you prefer? quiz! tango? high leg cut? full brief? mini? thong? lolol😊 lolol

However your topic and choices are very interesting, and if I ever get blessed with a trip to Japan and a chance to meet you all in person my memories of what kind of underwear you all prefer will never come into question, lolol 👏 oops have I said too much? I'm sitting here all alone having a wee drink and I'm curious to see what you are all up-to!, and underwear was not what I expected 👏 🙂

Maybe someone will model a fundoshi for you on the J-ref Tokyo Tour 2003.


p.s. What's a tango?
I think she means a tanga, which is the same as a thong.
But then again, you never know with Debs. After all, she lives on an island. :)
Hahaha, you two are great!
@Twisted you sure know the names of ladies under-wear better than me! lolol 😊 but then again you could be so right with your assumption of us little ladies from little islands, tanga/tango, hmmm I feel a dance coming on! lol 👏

@Kakuzen, the J-ref tokyo tour 2003, is a brilliant idea, I really wish it was possible for us all to go🙂
I'm pretty sure Debs. But a tanga was a thing of the 70's. After that it became out of fashion.
It's now back in the form of a thong, but the funny thing is, overhere in Holland we just call it a string.
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