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Article Fukui Travel Guide


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15 Mar 2002
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Fukui Prefecture

Fukui Prefecture is located on the Sea of Japan in central Honshū and bounded by Ishikawa Prefecture on the north, Gifu Prefecture on the east, Shiga and Kyōto prefectures on the south, and the Sea of Japan on the west. It is geographically divided into the northern districts, corresponding to the southern part of the former province of Echizen (越前国 Echizen-no-kuni), and the southern districts, formerly Wakasa (若狭国 Wakasa-no-kuni).

The northern district consists mostly of mountain ranges, with coastal plains and river valleys, and includes most of the land area and population. The southern part is largely the rocky coastline of Wakasa Bay, separated from Kyōto and Shiga by the Nosaka mountain range (野坂山地). The climate is...

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