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Fukai Mori by Do as Infinity


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31 Oct 2003
I was wonder if anyone knows where I can download this song or any others done by D*O*A. I heard Fukai Mori on Inuyasha and fell in love with it. TY in advance! ~_^
This site has all the OP and ED songs in Inuyasha.

Sengoku Jidai

As for other Do As Infinity songs, you can do the illegal thing and dowload it via a downloading client (i.e. Bitorrent, WinMX, Kazaa, IRC)... or go legit and buy the albums.
Thansk for the link. I would buy the albums but the closets store that sells import Japanese CDs is Virgin Records, but the store is like 50 miles down south form me XD and
1)I can't drive.

2)I'd buy them on the net but
a)no money
b)not old enough to get a crdit card XD

3)Money is tight in my faimly so i owuld get majorly yelled at if i asked to buy import cds XD
well, i think a lot of ppl are in that situation

in fact i was wondering, do japanese artists recognise that they have fans in western countries? i know that the proportion of sales must be insignificant, but u often see western artists regularly touring Japan, do japanese play any shows outside japan?
True true. Japanese imports are costly.
The cheap ones you see selling on some online stores are usually bootlegs, but people will purchase them anyway because not everyone is willing to dish out $30-$40+ on one CD. But then purchasing bootlegs help promote piracy of copyrighted goods.
The best place to purchase imports are CD Japan and YesAsia. YesAsia sells most of their CDs at a fair price than, say, Amazon. They have both "Japan Version" and "Overseas Version" which are actually much cheaper and come from Hong Kong. The difference (aside from cost and where they are manufactured) is that the overseas version are packaged differently - some slight changes, such as, the translation of the booklet into local language, different packaging and printing, or the inclusion of additional bonus tracks. These are not to be confused with bootlegs as these are officially released by the record labels for distribution in South East Asia.

From what I know some Japanese artists have toured here in America and in Europe. As for big name artists, I'm not so sure.
@ to heart yes they do know they have, dont remember what j-rock group came over to USA for concert..
also in japan its hard to keep in first place since lots good artist release often.. so i dont think they need much from us but support!
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