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Fuel cell for laptop


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Sounds like an explosive innovation. :)

Japan's Toshiba Corp. has unveiled the world's first prototype of a fuel cell to be directly attached to laptop computers, enabling users to operate for five hours with a single cartridge. The product, using concentrated methanol as fuel, could end the current reliance on lithium-ion batteries which need to be recharged, the company said. The new fuel cell can operate for at least five hours with a single, replaceable cartridge of methanol fuel, which produces electricity in a chemical reaction with water. The fuel cell system measures 275 millimetres (11 inches) by 75 millimetres and weighs 900 grams (1.98 pounds). It includes a 72 gram cartridge containing 50cc (1.5 fluid ounces) of fuel. Toshiba said the product would become smaller before being commercialised next year.

=> http://sg.biz.yahoo.com/030305/1/38k2m.html

Commentary by J@panInc: NEC, Hitachi and others are also devoting a lot of time and resources to developing smaller fuel cells to power a range of products. Japan controls 70 percent of the world market for lithium-ion batteries, according to the Nikkei, and as this market makes its transition to next-generation technologies like fuel cells, about 300 billion yen in annual sales will be up for grabs.
I think it's pretty safe. Methanol only burns (invisible) when it comes in contact with oxygen. The best way to stop a methanol fire is with water.
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