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Choose a story.. Or not..

  • Supertech Soldiers: Full Metal Strikers

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2 Feb 2006
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I have two stories And I was debating whether or not to put them up..

Supertech Soldiers: Full Metal Strikers: When a sudden, unwarranted attack on a peaceful space colony triggers an all-out war, two Supertech-enhanced warriors, Artemis and Darius, must dawn their powerful Striker armor and fight back against the Acarus Empire in a war that spans three dimensions. Huntress 4 and Galvanic shall bear the hopes of humanity in a conflict that may tear the very fabric of reality! Full Power! Full Fury! Full Metal Strikers, Ready for Launch!

EE-QUIP: Hey there everybody! My name is Lolita Mitsurugi! I'm 16, blonde, full of energy, pretty, and smart too! (No I'm not conceded!) I have a very special friend. Why is he so special? That's because he isn't human! He's EE-QUIP, one of the Artificials! Strange thing is, he acts like any other teenager, but he knows he's a machine. With the flaws of a person, but the body of a robot, will EE-QUIP overstep the boundaries of man and machine? Can love be felt by something mad of metal? Will he ever remember his notebook for class!? You gotta Read to find out!
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