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15 Mar 2002
Helloツイ 😄

My name is Lilik Hary Hartono, 22-male-Jakarta, Indonesia.
You can call me Lilik ;)

It's a pleasure to come here with most Japanese, so I can know lots about your country 🙂

Anyway, this is the coolest forum that I've ever visited before 👍

Two Thumbs Up for this forum 👏
Selamat datang, Lilik!

I like the way you Welcome me halx Cool!

NANGI and thomas
Konnichiwa Lilikhh-san!

Hi Lilik, welcome and Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku ne.
As a newbie here ;) I can't say anything except big ARIGATO to NANGI 'n thomas

Greetings and welcome. Kool sig btw. :cool:

Thank Yooh!! Are you a real chef ? Then, can I have some recipes

salam hangat....
gue juga dari indo

Senangnya ada temen dari Endo juga yang berkeliaran disini. Gue manggilnya anton atau sapa yah?
Anyway, met knal yah Bro

Hello Lilik. Welcome to the forum. What are your interests for Japan ?

Yo there Maciamo
If you ask me about it. Surely, I admire Japan for its up-dated technologies. See how fast the electronics attack many countries, including my country Indonesia . And secondly, I really appreciate the ethical work of Japanese, especially the time management
🙂 Hi Lilik! im mike nice to meet ya, im a new person too but welcome to the forums.. well im gone douce peace sayonara 🙂

Hullow Mike 🙂 How are you ;)

It's nice to meet you too 😄
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