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Friend in Tokyo Area Again


30 Dec 2003
Try to find a friend name 窶堋ウ窶堙「窶堋ゥ 窶堋オ窶堙昶?堋ク (clear water) in Tokyo area, who is about 23 years old and a staff member in an English language school. I don't know if this name is common in Japan or not, Hopefully, there won't be too many in the 23wards phone book:) I appreciate if anyone could help,
[email protected]

P.S. I am new in this site, but this concept to help is so great! pls keep up
nope, not listed

there are about 6K SHIMIZU sans listed in the 23wards of tokyo phonebook, but not Sayaka san. ...i would say 90% or more are male names in phonebooks here...
Great thanks to Ohayougozaru San for helping out 窶 it is the people like you make us feel the warm-hearted Japanese spirit. It is sad to know there is no much chance finding a lost friend. But since over 6k people with last name Shimizu, there isn窶冲 one with first name Sayaka, there is still a chance to find needle in the hay stack. I窶囘 cross my finger to hope she can be listed in the phonebook after she moved out her parents place this year.

By the way, anyone knows just how often phone book gets updated? and is there a electronic/online version out there?

FYI, there are several web sites in the U.S. are very good at searching people over the phone book etc. I wish Japan would have some over the time after seeing so many desperate requests here.
by the enf of February at the latest, and looks like no free access web site, cd-rom or download ones are charged by some other business companies...
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