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Friday is booze day


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Bad taste or not, this guy's website offers a weird collection of intoxicated salarymen and "squatters". Actually, a horrifying social study of modern Japan. And yes, you find them anywhere, not only in Japan. Anyhow, riding the train on a Friday night can be quite an experience.

=> 寝てる人2001/5
A Sunday program on TV has a section that is quiz for druken workers. It's jsut a blast because they hear the question then head off for a telephone booth. Which they are supposed to call a friend, mate, loved one to get the answers.

answer rate is like 1 out of 100.

I heard that puke is a problem at some train stations.
Oh puhlease!

For god's sake. That's just the kind of ignorant comment that makes me really sad. I live in Tokyo and frankly stations do not resemble public toilets and they never have. Japanese stations are amongst the cleanest in the world (believe me I've lived in France, Germany, England and the US and none of them come close). People get drunk in every country in the world and fall asleep on seats. It's hardly unique to Japan.

Either you don't know Japan, or you're making up stupid myths to make yourself look knowledgeable.

It's a bit pathetic.
I've got to agree. Making generalisations about things is just silly. All train stations have these problems - I find the train stations here in the UK quite clean but they work themselves stupid to get them that way. All big cities have drunks stumbling around (I live in the middle of central London so I know!) making a mess of the place (the reason I don't drink). Then, through the night the cleaners sort the whole thing out. Now I've never been to Japan, but from what I know its one of the cleanest places in the world, so I doubt their train stations resemble public toilets.
Hehe, sorry for my exaggeration, bad memories. Anyhow, in Tokyo I was astonished to see that late at night a lot of "well-behaved salarymen" seem to lose all scruples and physical control over their body, puking or taking a leak at public stations. I had never experienced that before anywhere else, but perhaps I've just not been to the right places yet.

I usually try not to not make myself look knowledgeable, but thanks for reminding me.
I learned this while in Japan...

Humility is an awesome characteristic for a host.

Well done Thomas! ;)
Originally posted by thomas
I usually try not to not make myself look knowledgeable, but thanks for reminding me.

Ok. No worries. Perhaps I was a little strong with my words, but I think sometimes people can get the wrong impression about Japan when they read certain things. Not everyone is a perverted, schoolgirl-obsessed, drunken salaryman over here.

I admit that Japanese people do often get a little crazy when they're drunk and on the whole the tolerance level for alcohol isn't as high as it is for westerners. However, I can think of a lot worse things to do when you're drunk than fall asleep (or go to karaoke bars!) You never see drunken Japanese getting aggressive or trying to pick fights with each other (as so often happened in London when I lived there).
Thanks Tiger and Kakuzen, I actually felt very stupid after rereading the thread and my remark. I know that we are posting a lot of critical articles and opinions about Japan, but what reunites us on boards such as this one is the deep interest for a very fascinating culture.

Creating wrong impressions and distorting the image of Japan is not our intention.

Thanks again, and Tiger, welcome to the board!
That'll be my pleasure. I think Kakuzen is the main engine behind the Jref tour 2003! :)
I would definitely like to see the "J-ref Tokyo Tour 2003" happen! :)

p.s. I can't wait till it's my turn to either debate or recant posts I have made here at J-ref... after all... it's the Zen way. We all have our own points of view... which often times are in dire need of updating in my humble opinion.
To those of you who live in Japan, what part? I'll be visiting for at least a month in spring as part of my research (however I feel I'll sightsee more than work) and it would be great o meet some people!

Now.. Whats with the Tokyo Tour? Someone explain!!!

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