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French blue meeting


22 Jul 2003
Are there a lot of french cars in Japan's streets?
I've seen on the Net an article about the "French Blue Meeting";
This is a annuel meeting with only french car - just?
Konnichiwa stiessens-san!

Yes, "French Blue Meeting" is the annual meeting with french car! But I think that main cars are french car but all cars can join that meeting.;)

I live in Japan but I don't look french car on streets. Of course main cars are Japanese car, but there are a lot of German car too.:D

I remember seeing some driving schools using BMW's for their students (heck of a first car to learn how to tool around town in if you ask me, heh) but I don't ever recall ever seeing many Renault, PSA Group (Peugeot and Citroen), etc.
I've seen a few small Peugeot and occasionally a Citroen Xsara, but not a single Renault.

German cars are much more common. BMW's and Mercedes are numerous. There are a few Audi and Porsche, but VW aren't common. Japanese look for prestige when they import cars.

I've seen more Ferrari in Tokyo than anywhere else before ! I was also surprised to find a Roll's Royce parked 50m from my house, in front of a dingy ramen shop 🍜. :mad:
Well, it's true, german cars 're everywhere... but the "French Blue Meeting is for the the frech oldtimer cars like Alpine, Matra, Citroテェn,... and these cars 're very expensive in Japan!! ;
-europテゥen price x3 = the japan price !!...
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