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Free printable Kanji-charts

David Hallgren

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2 Mar 2004
Free printable Kanji and Kana charts

Hi everyone. I recently posted about my tools for learning hiragana and katakana. Now I've added a new, hopefully useful, function to my website.
Under Exercises-Kanji-Writing Charts, you will find a function to create customized charts with kanjis and then you can print these to practice writing them. Currently I've added all the 1945 jouyou kanji. Soon I will create Hiragana and Katakana charts as well.

I'm a total newbie to the Japanese language so I'm creating all kinds of functions to aid my learning. If you have any ideas for new functions or comments on the existing one, please post here.

Link: David Hallgren's Japanese Page

I've added the hiragana and katakana charts now.
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Whoa! A wonderful website on Kanji charts! I'm gonn ahave to download that stuff. Thanks for the site, David, and welcome to the fora! 👍
Wow, I like it :) As a new learner I can just say Doumo arigato gozaimasu. You have inspired me with your enthusiasm.
oh! Aruguren san! Are you the descendents of Nathan Allgren? :p Just kidding.... Will check it out. Thanks!
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