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FREE Kanji Wallpaper released!


12 Dec 2003
NEW Freeware released!

Maktos Kanji Collection v1.0
by Matthew McDevitt

This is a FREEWARE release - you get 30 pieces of Kanji wallpaper!
Of course, they are yours to keep - the bitmaps don't "expire"
after a length of time. *grin*

Wayback Machine
(239 Kb Download)

You will notice that these Kanji are not the most BASIC ones.
It was decided not to give out the SAME simple Kanji which you
probably already know. (Yama, Taberu, Tsuki, Nen, Ichi, Ni, San,
etc.) for those would be useless to you. On the contrary, the
Kanji in this set are mostly JLPT 2-level Kanji, with some JLPT-3
mixed in.

In fact, the extremely basic ones (e.g. JLPT 4 level) will be
left out of this set entirely. There are so many places to learn
the Kanji for "Day", "Moon", etc. but VERY few books or flashcards
to deal with the intermediate/advanced Kanji! All you can get is a
book with all 2000 Kanji - each Kanji gets 2 X 4 inches of paper.
All you get is a few compounds using each one, and you're on to
the next one. Where are the flashcards? The 1/2 page for each
Kanji? The advanced Kanji, so extremely complex, are the HARDEST
to learn. They need more attention than "Tsuki/Getsu", not less!
Why is it that so many students of Japanese hit a ceiling when
they have learned around 700 Kanji? Lack of good study materials?

To fill this void is the aim of this Maktos Kanji Collection!
Kanji Wallpaper

Just out of curiosity, why wouldn't you? Do you have some really good wallpaper already, and are loathe to surrender that space to anything?

I'm just wondering how feasible this wallpaper is, I guess.


well mainly because it is white and it too bright on the eyes...
and it seams kind of basic, mabee if it was more 3 dimentional?

also as the majority of people have icons aligned to the left it would be better if the kanji was aligned right..
Further question

What screen resolution do you use? I'm going to guess 800 X 600.
I have 1024 X 768, and with 2 rows of icons on my desktop, they don't even touch the wallpaper. (Anything more than 2 rows is always unnecessary - you can't possibly need instant access to that many programs - that's what the Start Menu is for...)

I suppose I could go with a grey or grey-blue background....
Only 30? Ive got to learn the whole 2200 for the jlpt-lvl1.... well, the new 1000 or so. Ive found this great book which has one part of listening and writing kanji and in the back a fantastic list book, with a list off all kanji, list with on and kun readings, then a list of unusual readings (asu 明日 sorta thing). That paired with a decent kanji dictionary I'm set.
Just downloaded the kanji wallpaper pack. Very nice! ..the one thing i would say about it is the characters have no anti-aliasing on them so they look really jagged. I guess you took them straight from the typeface.
Its a cool idea though!
Im thinking it might be cool to set them up as a screen saver so that they flick through like flash cards..that might be pretty neat!! ;)

Update - I changed all to a grey background

It is much easier on the eyes now - I changed them all to a grey background.


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