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Wanted Free Japanese meal in Tokyo. Looking for Youtube reporters


1 Jul 2014
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Dear Japanese food lovers,

Who we are?

We are NinjaGohan. NinjaGohan introduces many kinds of Japanese food on the YouTube Channel to make it more popular all over the world.

Why it's free?
We would like to shoot videos of foreigners having meals and upload to our YouTube Channel. The problem is there are not enough reporters around us. That's why we need your help and we pay for your meal.

What you need to do is "eating" and "reporting"!

about shooting
It may take 20mins at most. You can enjoy free meals rest of the time.
Google "Tastemade", it wiil help you imagine what we are trying to do.

ツ?。We will upload the videos on our YouTube channel.
ツ?。We only pay for the meals.
ツ?。We choose what you will eat.
ツ?ヲDon't worry! We won't make you eat that you don't like :)

More Details
ツ?。You can find the more details about this recruitment here. NinjaGohan
ツ?。NinjaGohan YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/NinjaGohanJapan

Please contact me If you are interested in.
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