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free housing :)


15 Nov 2002
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If you窶决e reading this, you窶况e already qualified for a
Lifetime mortgage-free home!

* No matter where you presently live, you qualify!
* Earn a billion + income or less than ten thousand, you qualify!
* Own real estate or none at all, you qualify!
* Good credit or bad, you qualify!

In addition . . .

You窶决e given the freedom to do anything you want with this mortgage-free home!

(except pass it on to your relatives when you die)

* You can keep it for yourself, sell it or rent it out; it窶冱 up to you!
* You can remodel it and make it into a showplace, or tear it down; it窶冱 up to you!
* You can put the very best things into it or fill it with trash; it窶冱 up to you!
* You can keep it clean and neat or let it get dirty and rundown, it窶冱 up to you!

This is a guaranteed once in a lifetime opportunity!

There are no toll-free numbers to call, applications to fill out, and no processing fees to pay! You already occupy this 窶徂ome窶 and it was given to you at your birth! Please, make it last, because it窶冱 the only one you窶冤l get!
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