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Free "First 500 Words in ___" book @ Chick-fil-a with kid's meal purchase


10 Jul 2003
languages available are Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Japanese.
books are notable in that they have the words in their native written language (Japanese version using hiragana), a romanized version, then the english translation
thought it might be handy for parents or broke students *raises hand*
Another reason that Chick-Fil-A is my favorite fast food restaurant. They always have nifty educational treats with their kids' meals. A lot better than, say, a miniature Barbie.
I Remember The Good Ol Days...

talk mom into buying a cereal to get the prize, then dumping it out(claiming to have eaten it) and going for another box.

un! family of six here -- didn't have to. "boy, why you putting four slices of bread on that burger?!!" "cause you only made me only one burger daddy! i'm trying to get my money's worth!"

father's expression :mad: holding one crumpled dollar bill
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