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1 Feb 2003
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Not another classified ad site! Yes, but this one allow photo uploads. Up to 3 photos can be added to your ad for Sayonara sales, electronics, books, rentals, personals, jobs, events, positions sought, etc. If they can see it they will buy it

Take a look at: Japan Classified Ad with Photo Upload

Please help me get this off the ground by submitting a free ad. One of the nice things about this site is that it conceals your email, so you don't have to worry about spammers getting your email address. The same as this bulletin board it keeps your email confidental.

First thing you need to do is register and respond to the email that is sent to you - the same as this board. Any suggestions for categories or subcategories you would like to see would be very much appreciated🙂


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I was justly interested in selling or exchanging a few books off. It's only useful if I can meet the potential buyers, so it should be in Tokyo. If it cost more me in transport expenses than the cost of the book, it's useless. How do people usally sell their goods ? I guess we should agree to meet somewhere. Good for several goods or big things but such a trouble for just a 500 yen book !
Good point!

Currently there is no forum to publicize books that you want to trade in your city. This site requires you to specify your location so that people in all the major Japanese cities can exchange books with people in their locale. As we all know the price of books is so high in Japan!

Well, the cost of listing your book is small - 0 yen! Please help get the ball rolling.

Thanks Maciamo for your comment:clap:
Hi Joe, welcome to the forum!

The script you are using is great, I know the guy who wrote it, he's Austrian too, lol. Nice customization work!
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