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Free Agents on the loose


15 Apr 2002
Yesterday, shocking news of Free Agents going on the market have surprised many fans.

Every year a few players would go on to Free Agent status but this year BIG names have decided to go Free Agent with Matsui Hideki of the Giants being a big big move.

Ever since Ichiro and Shinjo have done so well in the States many Japanese players have made the decision to give it a go this year.

"Godzilla" Matsui is being rumored to be in talks with the New York Yankees.
the yankees have the most money...they can afford him. besides, it would be good for both, he is good and they utilize players very well.

I'm a big Yankee fan from New York and Matsui hit a big double te other night in th ALCS. Yanks beat Boston in 7 to go to the world series. Matsui came up big. Thanks Japan.
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