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Freddy vs. Jason

16 Aug 2003
Is it just me or is anybody here thrilled about this movie...these are two of the best killers and they are battling against each other???!!!

Freddy is totally gonna win.

I dunno. Haven't seen it yet, but I've grown up on the Krugmeister, and even though Jason always friggin' wont die, Freddy totally rules. Oh and the 'Friday the 13' movies always sucked, and the actors were horrible. That's another reason why Freddy's gonna win. Crappy people from crappy movies always die.
bah i go for jason, i gotta go with him if for no other reason than his name is jason. :p
I really want to see this movie, just for the hell of it. I preferred Freddy over Jason...at least for the first couple of movies, anyway. It should be good, corny fun if nothing else. Good luck on getting someone to go with me, though...*sigh*
Saw it. And I must admit it's the first of both series of movies (Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th) that I actually paid to see in a theater... Was pretty good actually and better than I expected. I'm still not too sure though about the fact that Camp Crystal Lake and Elm Street as depicted in the movie happen to be a few miles apart... (one would think with all the murders the local citizenry might get a clue to move elsewhere... HELLO?).
That's what makes things fun. Someone to haunt your nightmares and kill you, or someone that hunts you down, can't die, and kills you.
Originally posted by Nanahara
i say that neither will win... that will be lame though

Let's just have them kiss and make up. Then it can be a "happy" series.

*ugh.... murderers kissing. Did I just say that?*
hahahahahahahah that would be funny

I reckon the bystanders that have been thrown into the mix will cause some stir and no one will win or something
well.. I saw the movie FINALLY and to tell the truth i was so damn happy Jason won and freddy is just a LOSER...everybody knows that Jason will win its a totally kool thing...well...
GO Jason...U rock!!!
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