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Found these in my old house, not sure if they are family crests or not?


20 Feb 2016
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Hello all,

I've been on a quest to find my family crests for a while and I found these hanging in my parents' old house that I haven't visited in a while. I'm really not sure if these are them or if they are just ornamental that my family wanted to display.

My father's last name is Fukuda (but his mother's last name was Tokunaga) and my mom's maiden name is Tsujii. But looking at these, the one on the right definitely resembles what I found to be the Tachibana family crest (??). I'm not sure how these work, or if only one name gets one crest or anything. Is it possible that these could be my family crests if they are similar or identical to others?

If these are not what I'm looking for, I will keep searching for my real family crests! Thank in advance!


22 Feb 2008
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The left one is called 丸に隅立四つ目 Maru ni sumitate yotsume, and the right one is 丸に橘 Maru ni tachibana. Tachibana (= Citrus Tachibana) is the name of the flower in the circle, not the family, in this case.
Those are indeed family crests, but all the families/clans of the same family name do not always use the same, only one family crest. It's impossible to investigate a family name only from a crest in most cases, except very famous clans (for instance daimyōs such like Tokugawa or Takeda). Thus, those might be your ancestors' crests, or could have nothing to do with your family.
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