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17 Aug 2002
Hi guys!

I was wondering if any of you knows other forums, related to other countries (i must say, this one is pretty good for Japan! like it a lot!) 👏

My major interests are Spain, Argentine, Peru.
But I'm also very curious about getting to know forums from coutries other than those mentioned above. 🙂

Thanx a lot!
😄 waku waku!!
Thanks for your kind words, Olivia! :)

I don't know a lot about fora focusing on other countries (since I mostly watch my J-related "competitors"), but I found About.com to be very resourceful. About com is organized by fields of interests; they also feature fora on each section.


@ About.com
interesting site, thank you!
i'm gonna 'dig' for a lot of other things!!! very nice.
re: Russian forums

I know two Russian forums, they are primarily for the Russians that are living in the UK and are in Russian, with some English translation! They aren't related much to Russia, I guess. But anyway. Try searching Google, if you are still looking!

Here are the Russian ones:
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