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14 Mar 2002
I've just upgraded to the latest version of vBulletin, 2.2.7. Since it went smooth (too smooth, lol), please tell me if you notice any errors.

Version 2.2.7 will be the last in the 2.2.x series, Jelsoft will release vB3 later this year which is supposed to be "revolutionary". Well, we'll see.
hmmm, looking forward to vB3 ... revolutionary??? hmm, with Gossmer Forum and phpBB going strong vB needs to do something that's for sure.
Well, phpBB can't really compete. v2.0.2 seems to be reliable, but once you've seen vB's admin panel you get the picture.

As for Gossamer Forum: I installed it yesterday, still have to get used to it. It's powerful, but a bit complicated to customize. However, I do like it and will use it for my family page.
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I've just upgraded the Japan Forum to vB 2.2.8. Most of the changes are related to security issues. If you receive any errors, please notify me.

Thanks and enjoy!
There are still some hacks I have to reapply. vB3 will soon be released, and it's only possible to upgrade from the latest vB2.2.x version.
Well, that's life with scripts. You finish an upgrade, the patches and hacks. And the next week a whole new version is out.
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