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15 Apr 2002
updated the forum didn't you Thomas 😄

Seems to run a bit faster and things have been going pretty well it seems. I noticed the change of buttons that caught my eye just now.
Hmm, my problem was that those buttons didn't catch my eye.
There were 3 new threads this morning, but no matter how much i looked, i didn't see any orange highlighted fora.

But now that i know what to look for, i can find the new threads again, though. Orange was more eyecatching though.

Isn't "aoui" blue instead of green? Or are you just trying to confuse everyone again?
I click in through the get new thread links so I have all the new posts on 1 page. Pretty useful if you ask me.

@ avatar

@ at my sig
hmm, Ever drive in Japan? Green lights are called blue. I'm not confused but rather the driving public of Japan is. I haven't found a reason for this yet. Except that possibly the light color is a Green<>Teal which could be the reason why blue ????
Revamping the forum a bit. I removed the moderator column at the index page, changed a few buttons and a couple of other graphics. Folders with new messages are marked with a blinking icon, however clicking the "View new posts" link at the index page is the most convenient way to get the latest messages.

Nice avatar, Peter! :p
@ thomas,, yes I like it
@ twisted,, yes I like it
@ moyashi,,what does your sig mean?,, But I'm sure I'l like it
the colors obviously are green yet the word means blue ... and I explained it a few posts above ;)
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