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14 Mar 2002
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Following up on Mike's suggestion here, I decided to slightly reorganise some of the forum categories. While the member introduction section hasn't been completely eliminated, I merged its over 5,000 threads with the Community section.
  • Japan People Search is now a subforum of the Community section.
  • The China-related fora have also been merged into one China Forum, a subforum of the Member Lounge.
  • The Classifieds are now listed under their own category "Marketplace".
  • All Jpop-related subsubfora (Male Artists, Female Artists, Bands and Groups, Kayou-Kyoku, and Chit-Chat) have been moved into Japanese Music (under Entertainment).
Furthermore, the user registration procedure is now much easier and faster, as all unneeded form elements have been removed from the registration form.

If you have any further suggestions, please post them right here.
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