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8 Jan 2004
Did the forum formatting just change? It suddenly looks different from the last time I was here, which was something like 15 minutes ago. I tried resizing it a few times to see if I could get it looking like I (think I) remember it looking, but my memory is in between two sizes, and I'm not quite sure what to make of that.
Hi Glenn, well observed. :)

Recently, we have received feedback about the poor legibility of the font set we were using at JREF (Trebuchet MS). I reverted back to Verdana, and it does seem to make things easier on the eyes. Of course, we are open to criticism.
I think it's mostly affecting the buttons. I'm not complaining; I was just wondering. I'm glad I haven't gone totally crazy. Ha!
Sanity confirmed, lol. Thanks for the heads-up regarding the buttons, I'll check them tonight.
While 'I,' one who ventures 'round these parts solely in fair-weather whims of my own, have no right to complain at all, nor am in any position whatsoever to ask 'why,' just cannot allow parts of my neurological messiness to wonder if there is actually no way to paragraph at all, any longer? That's all. Just a kind of pondering to myself, if one will.

But I just find this--while I love the font... and almost always use Verdana--paragraphing loss, a loss. I'll shut up now.
Dear MM, thank you for your feedback, I guess.... :)

Your post appears - on this mobile device - in paragraphs.
OK! That is encouraging, then. I will wait until I get home, then, and see what that machine there wants to show me. I guess this thing here at the office simply wants to ignore that, or, it has some evil plan to drive me insane by first wearing out my already worn weak eyes... hee, hee, hee...

Thanks for getting back in so timely a manner, with that, then. I feel much better.

EDIT: (12:37, Thursday) Yep, it's the machine in the office--and that's a 5 month old Epson of some quite large working capacity and all, and... well, what in the world happened, I wonder. (I'm still a cave man about such stuff.) THANKS ! MM
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