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13 Dec 2003
Hello ;)

I窶冦 a newbee here so I will tell a little about my self and reason why I have joined this forum.

So, my fascination about Japan started few years ago, when I saw first anime movie, then came Japanese games like FFVII and GITS on PlayStation. After that I bought my self a first manga comic book, Appleseed. Later the music, movies, culture, people and whole rest what is about Japan. And so it started.

When I wrote a few years a go I mean like 7-8 years a go, now I窶冦 24 years old and I窶冦 still dreaming about Japan. This may sound a little silly, but it窶冱 true :p

I have joined this forum in hope to get to know someone, who lives in Japan. This is obvious I guess, but maybe I窶冦 wrong. I guessing that on this forum are many of people that counts on the same that I窶 am. This is almost all for my first post.

Sorry for my English, still learning :)
hiya hi-res and welcome, dont worry about your english as its very good, anyway have fun on the forum.
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