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14 Mar 2002
Just found the text below at the web site of Tsukuba University (aka as national think tank). They introduce their facilities and attached institutes:

The university library is the first national university library to introduce volunteering system in June, 1995. With volunteering assistance, the system aims to provide better access to the library by individuals with disabilities and foreigners.

=> tsukuba.ac.jp/aboutus/fuzoku/index-e.html

I know, I know, it's harmless, but the wording just sounds a bit odd.
You know, someone once told me that there is an answer for everything, but you might not like the answer. Basically, you have to have a thick skin before you get off the plane.
Having a thick skin is ok as long as it's not too thick.
I agree with Thomas...if you are too thick skinned you lose your compasion. Now, I will be the first to say that a over emotional man is worthless...but you have to have some emotions. This is no longer the 30's.
It's tough to be a gaijin in Japan. At times, it can be just so great but at other times you just feel like you want to take the next plane home.

For me, medicine is driving through town ... lot's of great scenery to make you want to stay even longer ;)
From the "cruel to be kind" department: ...You're basically correct. You need emotion, to help you..intuit (just ask your wives). But, you also need just the right amount of...ruthlessness. It stands to reason (for any traveler) that they should "keep their wits about them".
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