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Foreign people in Japan

Konnichiwa Paul Sato-san!

The foreigner living in Japan is 1,778,462.
And the top nationality of them is Korea, 632,405.
The second is China, 381,225.
The third is Brazil, 265,962.

This statistics data in 2001.

Konnichiwa Tsukasa-san!

The Japanese are friendly to foreigners. But a lot of people has misgivings at the bottom of their heart about foreigners. This is by reason of unfamiliar with foreigners. Japan is an island country and foreigners are very few. Some of Japanese are cautious about foreigners but they don't hate them. They only don't know how to get along with foreigners.
The Japanese government is unreliable. The government have no interest in foreigners. It is clearly by reason of a small number of travelers in Japan. A lot of Japanese go on a trip abroad but the traveler from foreign country are very few in Japan. The government don't make efforts to attract foreigners.

I've always wondered how many European people (and what proportion for each nationality) lived in Japan. I can't find it on the Japanese Immigration site.
These figures seem rather contradictive. In the first, English totalise 3,9% (+3,5% from HK), and Germans 1,9% (no mention of other countries) of all foreigners in Japan. On that page all Europeans account for just 2,5%. Worse, on the former American (US) take a a 13,5% share + Canadians 2,4%, but the total of North American falls to 3,4% in the 2nd page. guess the reason is that the first data is for non-resident (tourist, businesspeople, short-term visitors), while the second is for long-term resident only. Is that right ?

I had seen this site (in English) before but I couldn't find the number of EU residents and still can't.

I have found this map which shows the clear difference in proportion between registered foreigners (residents) and others (visitors). Among residents, there are 4362 French people, 4163 Germans and 14438 British (don't know at what exact date they counted with such extreme accuracy :eek: ). Still don't know about Italians, Spanish and smaller countries...
Are there any Albanians in Japan?:giggle:

Well if not I'm happy to report that soon an Albanian embassy will open in Tokyo for the first time. Now our two countries can make some good business deals.
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