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Foreign firms in Japan

If companies had something that was good and cheap and brought it to Japan they would buy it.

Field of Dreams :: If you build they will come.

Monopolies are just a way of life in Japan. But the thing is that many US companies didn't understand how to break into Japan and getting employees who were able to teach the gaijin weren't interested at the time to work for a gaijin company.

These days many Japanese no-longer trust the life-time employment system and find that working for a gaijin company isn't that bad. hehe, ask all those Nissan emplyoees with a French President. So, they have finally learned a bit of the trade so to speak and find introducing products much easier.

This article is pretty much on top of the situation over here.
hehe, they just forget to mention the type of arm twisting that goes on in smaller economies of scale were the monopolies use yakuza and other friendly measures to insure price adjustments.
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