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Forced to change Email address


26 May 2015
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Hello! I have been a member of this forum for almost 2 years now and there were no problems till now, but today, I faced a glitch? I was forced to change my email address for my account. It said that the previous account which I had used to register was not valid and it failed to send Emails to the said Email ID.

I have been receiving regular updates via email of the threads I am following. I had obviously used the other address because I used that for all the social networking sites and keep the other one private.

And I couldnt even ask an admin to help because I had insufficient privileges to do that.

The previous Id was a yahoo.com ID.

Can I please use my previous Mail ID again?
Thank you.

EDIT: It was a verified Email Id.
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14 Mar 2002
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This could have been triggered by your account being temporarily inaccessible which is quite common with Yahoo or Hotmail (and other MS services such as live.com, etc). If more than three emails bounce within a set period of time your forum status would change to "invalid". You should still be able to get in touch with us via the Contact link (in the footer). Please feel free to switch back to your Yahoo account, just be aware that Yahoo is prone to such hiccups.

I apologise for the inconvenience!
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