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For those of you looking forward to Miyavi at PMX...


Gag me with a spoon
19 Nov 2003
*chuckles* He's not going to....*chuckles more* be able to make it....Unfortunately *chuckles* he's had his support for that particular date....*tries to stop laughter* pulled out from under him....*chuckles even more*

What a.....shame..... 😊
Ahahahahahaahhahahaha. THANK GOD. I was seriously considering not going cause of the stupid Miyavi fangirls I would have been forced to be around. Now, maybe less will be there >_>;;
Who is this Miyavi person? I've seen a picture of him in the gothic lolita bible before, but I don't know who he is-_- No seems to like him, what did he do?
Weeeellll.... it's just his solo career. He sucks badly at singing, yet he insists upon doing so. Used to guitar for Due'le Quartz. I just don't like him. >_>;
Illparatzo: You're going to PMX? See you there.

And for proof, I work side by side with the person in charge of the concert at PMX, as well as I know the people *er, person* who is in charge of bringing Miyavi, Silver Ash, and TMR here.

I can get it in writing and scan it, then post the image if you dont want to take my word for it. Truth be told, I dont think I was supposed to mention a word of this at all, but since I dont care, I did it anyway.
I guess it's not a good thing that I like Miyavi huh? lol, I know what you mean by the crazy fan girls. I like the guy's acoustic work but I'm not gonna get all crazy about him....(personally I don't really think too highly on fan girls....:D)

BTW what's PMX?
Goodie. I just wanted to you know... make sure before I start spreading the bad news. So when the madz0rs Miyavi fangirls start ranting "GIVE ME PROOF!" I can be like... "here's something that remotely resembles proof" and give them this thread, I guess. *shrugs*

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