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15 Apr 2002
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Hmmm, this seems to be the right place to put this thread.

Recently, a survey was done of "who's body would you like to see?" ... naked of course and was referring to men.

5. Gackt (he's got this commercial where he's jumping around nude... covered slightly)
4. Nakata (story was his body fat is like 3%)
3. XXX Yousuke (hmmm forgot his name but he went on a dream date with one of the Kanda sisters ... I'd pass)
2. Takizawa (one of Jonny's Jr. who's always Mr. Popular)

and number 1 is ......

Beckham .....

lolololo .... soccer and his book which my wife even bought has moved him to basically "hunk of the year"

This survey was done by a TV program and the average age level was quite high. Probably up around 40+. Hmmm, I wonder who it would be if the average age level questioned was much lower. But, still, some grannies who have no clue to what songs he sings saying that Gackt would be their choice was quite amusing.
That's what everyone thinks when they see a Visual Rock singer for the first time...
I'm pretty sure he had plastic surgery. His facial features are just not right.
I'm not sure about that. I think he pretty much looked like that when he started out with Malice Mizer. I don't think he had the means for plastic surgery before they got popular.
I saw Gackt on Hey! Hey! Hey! playing pool a few weeks ago, not exactly the kind of guy that American women would want to see nude.

wow!... are you all sure this Gackt guy is not a woman?... I had never seen him (her?)...
I know a few guys overhere in Holland who would like to see him nude... 😏
No, he isn't a woman. Just lots of plastic.

Maybe he didn't have the means but when your career is pending a stop at the local "yakuza" ATM cashing machine it's not that difficult to put together $30,000 in a few hours.
Wow!! He's better looking than me lolol, I'm sorry, but there are no masculine features on that persons face lol, thanks for the link nebosuke. I would not want to see him naked. He is too feminine for my liking. A man should look like a man with skin that looks as if it has some facial hair that could grow within his first 30 years of life, hahaha, sorry maybe I'm just used to the "big Irish man."😊 😊

the other candidates I'm not sure who they are so I can't vote, but I'm inquisitive to see them lol
@ Gackt ...
Could be plastic surgery to remove facial hair. Hairy chest in Japan .... lolo only if you're gaijin

@ others
Nakata ... plays soccer in Italy now and was a major player for Japan during the world cup games

The others ... forget it ... they're all un-manly types. Cutey's and that's about it.
Now moyashi-san, you have brought me to the thought that Japanese men are of the men with very little body hair?? is that true or just a tale?? I have heard this a long time ago and just remembered it when I read your post! Please don't be alarmed by my question, I married a man with only 1/2 the amount of body hair than I could have imagined! all of my 6 brothers are like apes and the first time my husband took his shirt off in front of me(I knew him maybe 8 years at the time)I was so shocked at the lack of body hair, I have used to the hairy chests, arms, upper arms, even throats, and at any time you could tell when one of my brothers needed a shave(usually from the ages of 14), so this lack of body hair was unfamiliar to me, so tell me, please!!
I am totally off the thread here and for that "I'm SORRY" off on one of my tangents here lolol🙂

As for Nakata, if anyone has a pic of him, well need I say anymore lol😊
hahaha! This thread is so funny!... at first. We talked about that top5, then about Gackt (??) plastic surgeries - doesn't it look like Michael Jackson? At last... hairy men!!

this guy is better looking than a lot of girls...!

don't have a pic (I'll look for it), but he is nice!👍

@hairy men
definitely... Japanese men are not hairy, in general. This must be something related to the Asian people, the race, I suppose.
@ Olivia, yes and it's going to get even funnier, wait till you see my next question, lol, he does look like Michael Jackson abit,(hehe)

I saw those pics of Nakata. Now this man gets my vote😊. 😊

he sure is a nice looking man😌 xxx,lolol
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??? what's your next question gonna be? gettin' curious...! 😄

i've seen some pics of Nakata... he really deserves our votes, doesn't he?! 😊 hehehe and beckham, also!
Not only does he deserve our vote, but He also deserves me!!! 😄 :p

I'm still pondering whether or not to ask my question!! It has no purpose in this thread, but neither did Hairy men,lolol, I'l think some more, then post it 👏
Just scanned another pic of Gackt (cover of the Japanese magazine "Frau", July 2002 edition). For the ladies, of course. He wears blue contact lenses.

now, compare the guy above with this one...


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Oh my god!!!:p Gackt pic is not very flattering to the world male population:sorry: lol But I suppose the very young ladies might find his appearance cute or something, but let's face it, he has a body (besides the obvious) of a young girl and the looks to go with it, maybe I'm just jealous lol:eek:

As for the pic of Mr Beckham!! hmmm that's more like it😍 (At least he has some facial hair) I'm kidding of course:clap: 👏

Keep posting these pics, and we will maybe have an all exclusive vote, and the winner can become our motif!!🙂
Yep, Olivia is right. I'm probably like Deb's husband. Low body hair content, but compared to make men over here I look like a gorilla. hmmm, maybe's it's the blondish color that hides the volume ????


He and others qualify probably for the title [bishonen] Beautiful Young Boy. Boy's at times were chosen in the days past over women for sexual companionship.

haha, he really probalby would have been better off as a woman. oh well, IF I were guy I won't even bother giving him the time of day.

@ Beckham
hey!!! How did my picture get on the forum?
have any of you heard gackt sing? He doesn't sound girly . If one were to hear the songs , one wouldn't think that he looks the way he does
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