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Job Offers For anyone who lives in Japan! The best part-time job!


31 Jul 2018
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Hello all,
currently we are looking for people who live in Japan, want to make good use of their time and earn extra money.2erguy platform is exactly the place.This platform shares time and culture exchange values where locals and travelers can match with each others.

1. Job Description:
Upload your own free time and plan an unlimited time programme you want to offer (could be 1 hour or even a day). Programme schedule could be: secret spots in Japan, pick up service at the airport, outdoor activities, ect.
2. Language skills:
Not limited in language skills but fluent in English or Japanese would be a plus.
3. Location and working time:
Anytime and anywhere in Japan, as long as you have free time, you could upload it on the web. (24hr/ 365 days)
4. Web address: 2erguy-共享經濟|在地達人|旅行交友

* If you have any further question, just leave the message below!
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