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27 Nov 2003
The Asahi Book Shop inside the Mitsuwa Plaza shopping mall in Little Tokyo in downtown LA is closing permanently at the end of this month. Until then, all items are on sale at 40% off. All books (in Japanese or in English), manga, music CDs, etc. I was down there today and picked up a few Golgo 13 manga books.

They're desperately trying to liquidate their inventory, and I've heard a rumor that next week they might go as much as 50% off.

Shop 'til you drop! :D
Oh man...I'm gonna have to get there ASAP now...
*breaks north without delay, zips on over*
I was just there today to pick up some more Golgo 13 manga books.

It is indeed 50% off now so ya better hurry. The shelves are starting to look bare. All the CDs I wanted were gone. There were people who brought in a shopping cart from the Mitsuwa grocery store into the book store because they were buying so many books.
Originally posted by Winter
Holy crap...and I was going there this weekend.

More reason to now.

Did you ever make it down there?

One more day left--Friday 1/30
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