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[ food taste puzzle + challenge ] -- please recommend a tasty yet healthy micro-wavable food a pers


12 Jun 2017
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[ food taste puzzle + challenge ] -- please recommend a tasty yet healthy micro-wavable food

a person needs 2-2.5k calories a day, this food you recommend should be able to be made 2x a day to consume

so should be ~1-1.5 calories total

there's 2 requirements:


* should use some items that are healthy + low-cost high calories

there's nothing in this world that fits this best but

'whole grain' like oats, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, etc.


* be tasty

things i tried that do not work:

real butter -- i never used butter before so put in a whole stick, went from tasteless to not getting significantly different or better

garlic -- i once tried putting in half of a whole can of garlic powder, went from tasteless to 'heh that kinda burns or something'

salt -- goes from tasteless to 'that's too salty'

cheese -- chedder, its' ok...

anything spicy im allergic to


things i tried that have worked:

pasta sauce -- something about tomato sauce, i dunno whats in it..

ramen noddle -- i dont know why plain white ramen noddles work and is yummy and soft

soy sauce -- a different kind of salt, its ok, i can at least taste it compared to the tasteless above

teriyaki sauce -- soy is better, basically the same as soy sauce, has vinegar is all = soy sauce + vinegar = teriyaki


i put in vegs no matter what

* spinanich, brociolio, green onions, clinatntro, etc.

vegs do not really add anything to taste

yea they taste 'different' but they dont make the whole grain taste any different


method of prep

* blender - blend anything

* mini-microwave

* anything easiest -- easiest


be creative!!

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