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Very impressive, Kjeld, you must be quite busy these days! Please reserve some seats, looking forward to the grand opening.
yaeh me too, I'l be looking forward to seeing where I am going wrong in my own wardrobe, I'l be looking for tips and hints on being a street fashion guru,, lol🙂
kjeld,,, I just noticed that the date of your big opening is not yet entered into our calendar, just thought I would mention it, I often check the calendar for Birthdays ect, I think it would be a good idea! I also have an awful memory, so it would keep me reminded about the date,lol
Thanks, Debs, for making me aware of the calendar! The opening date of JAPANESE STREETS has been entered!

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Everytime I buy new clothes, I drag a female friend with. :D

It always pays to have a female point of view at hand, specially if she has good taste. :D

Nice site. I'll drop by on the 11-22-2002.
Thanks, Ln.

I am kind of a slow shopper myself, so I usually go by myself. But I love accompanying friends on shopping trips. I always find it amazing how clothes can change a person. Both outside and inside.

See you on the 22nd!
I truely deeply despise shopping. Especially when my girlfriend comes along. She can spend an more then an hour in a small booth with just two racks of clothes and still come out emptyhanded.

I only buy clothes when i'm on vacation in Thailand, because it's cheaper. The only problem there is that they usually don't have my size. I imagine that will also apply to Japan.
I am a bit like your girlfriend, Peter... That's why I usually don't ask anyone to tag along! They would experience true agony!

Finding the larger than average size is indeed difficult in Japan as well. But with the Japanese growing bigger, it is getting easier. Especially casual gear is now available in monster sizes, like ours.

A book I wrote about Japan is now for sale in Dutch bookstores: Vrouw breekt los, published by Uitgeverij BZZTテ禰 (EUR 15.00).
Originally posted by Kjeld
A book I wrote about Japan is now for sale in Dutch bookstores: Vrouw breekt los, published by Uitgeverij BZZTテ禰 (EUR 15.00).

You mean this one?
I'll definately check it out. 😄


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Yes, that is the one! I am quite impressed you found a picture of it so quickly. I hope you like it!
Originally posted by Kjeld
A book I wrote about Japan is now for sale in Dutch bookstores: Vrouw breekt los, published by Uitgeverij BZZTテ禰 (EUR 15.00).

That's great news, Kjeld, congratulations! I wish my Dutch would be more proficient, lol.
@ site
hehe, who's doing all the leg work for the pictures?
You might wanna break it down like the magazines do by city :::
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo

Yeah, WHY Dutch!

@ clothes
I'm 183 well, a few millimeter short but hey give a guy a break!
Most stores have trousers and Shirts in XL (errr, 2L) to XXL (3L) sizes available. Trouble spots are shoes and socks. I'm 28.5cm and gotta buy Regal shoes.

Watch out for Clothing made in Japan. The sizes say XL but your arms will stick out like a gorilla. I tried up to 5L size and the only the neck and chest got bigger not the sleaves. Slacks are similar, thighs are pretty tight. So, check for if the clothes are imported or not.
wow! I did'nt realise that you men had such a problem with shopping for clothing its still an ongoing problem for women,most women just dont take a regular size, ie; 10/12/14 ect, our bodies can take two sizes at the one time, example, a few years ago(before I had 2 children) I was a petite 10 at the top, and a 12 at the lower half,(apparently, child bearing hips ect, hehe) This caused me great distress as I was preparing for my brothers wedding,and as most suits come already prepared in one size, I was left in a very sticky situation😌 , how-ever I did find a shop assistant very willing to help(in my 4th store) she had to phone "head office" for authority to split two suits to make a sale, they agreed and I was happy:clap: ( oopppps tangent) my point being " I only ever thought that female parties had this problem of "different sizeing ,and getting an assistant to go out of her/his way to help, by ordering, sizes ect that are required was an unfortinate way of life only for females, but this proves different🙂
Hi Moyashi,

The legwork for the photographs is all done by myself. Thanks for the advice. Eventually there should be a new gallery which will be organised like that. I need more hours a day...

The book was written in Dutch, because the request for the book came from the (Dutch) publisher. That is also where my origins lay. I will do my best for English publications!

My problem with clothing in Japan is long arms and long legs. The double and triple sizes are way too big for me, but the arms stick out like they are trying to get away from the body...

But then again, it is much much better than when I first came here twenty years ago. Finding colors that look good on a pink/white skin used to be extremely difficult. That has changed. Especially UNIQLO and GAP make a big difference. Reasonably priced good clothes in lots of sizes and colors.
Definitely looking forward to it!

errrrr :box: not up here!
We have Eddie Bauer which I never go to. I don't go to UNIQLO either. Seems I'm a bit better off for sizes then.

@ Debs
hehe, I thought women just swapped pieces in the dressing room ;)
Actually, I never knew that! Thanks for the tip!
Hehe, I just had a sneak preview at Kjeld's new project, prepare for a beautiful page with legions of even more beautiful girls!


The grand opening will most likely take place tomorrow at 18.00 JST (9.00 GMT).
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