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Fogged up headlights

Nick A

3 Jul 2003
Both the headlights on my FTO mist up regularly when the air temperature falls. I've tried to remove the moisture in the air inside the units with silica gel, but to no avail. Has anyone got any good ides how I can stop this, as it make the car look awful.


Hmm... are the lights you have factory standard? I'm not familiar with the problem you mentioned, although I think you might be right about it being a result of possible moisture condensating inside your units. When you say they mist up regularly when the temp drops, what kind of drop are we looking at? A few degrees overnight on occasion or frequently? Furthermore, does the condensation inhibit your light's performance at all or is it merely a cosmetic effect? Sorry, not much help I know... but I will ask some of my buds around for ya and see if they might know any more specifics re: the nature of your problem.
Yes, the lights are factory standard. The problem usually occurs when the weather has been warm and then there is a shower of rain, lowering the air temperature outside by a few degrees. It can also happen when I wash the car and hose it down with cold water. It can impair the lights' performance as at worst the whole unit is fogged up. However, it is mostly a strip of condensation at the bottom of the unit which is below the beam - it just looks bad!

Thanks for any suggestions

Hmm... I don't know. At least it isn't serious like a wiring problem if it isn't inhibiting their performance. Most likely it has to do with the light's molding capturing too much moisture when exposed to condensation. As for how to remedy the problem, no clue other than the obvious (ordering a replacement). Chances are though, since you already have factory standard lights the problem might stem from a faulty design in the light's mold itself (not familiar with the FTO's history).

Another thought, next time they fog up... try keeping your highbeams on for an extended time afterwards and let them "dry out" so to speak. You can even place a sheet of tinfoil over them if you want to accelerate the process as the reflection will increase the air temp inside the unit. Shouldn't take long for any moisture buildup to evaporate and (in theory anyways) should clear up your problem, albeit temporarily.
Thanks for the suggestion about the high beams.

I think that this is a common problem with the FTO, so getting a new unit isn't going to solve it. What I don't understand is why it happens on the FTO and not other cars. Headlight units are not held under vacuum, so there must be air and water vapour in there. If this is warmer than the outside then condensation will form. What normally stops this?

Honsetly I have no clue re: the ergonomics of it all but I think they may be some minor defect in the mold of the light itself. Know anybody else who has the same ride and experiences the same thing? Would be interesting to see if such is the case perhaps, who knows.
get new ones maybe...if they are fogging inside, then there is a leak somewhere. no matter how many times you fix it, or dry it up inside, im pretty sure it will eventually fog up again. ebay has good prices on new lights.
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