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Floods of the century


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Europe is currently experiencing the worst floods since more than one hundred years. Due to torrential rains during the past few weeks river bassins are filled with too much water inondating vast areas in Central Europe. Most affected are Austria (Danube and Inn rivers), Czech Republic (Moldava), Slovakia (Danube) and now in particular Germany (Elbe river). The historic city center of Dresden is completely flooded. Hundreds of thousands of people had to be evacuated in SE Germany and Czech R., lives and homes were lost.

The economic consequences can only be roughly estimated at the moment, it doesn't look too good.

Oh, some Japanese papers reported about the floods, one article mentioned the Prague zoo which had to be evacuated too. Some rhinos were airlifted, bears and lions had to be shot in case they escaped. Kadir, the 35-year old Indian elephant faced a mercy killing, since he was close to drown and no helicopter had been available.


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Poor elephant. I feel sorry for animals the most. Sorry humans.

My mother's hometown was Dresden until the Russians came.
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