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flesh hanging in japan

Hmm... well, like everything else it usually boils down to connections I would think. I'm not entirely familiar with all the equipment a suspension show requires, although chances are you probably have a pretty large amount of stuff that you would need to transport and eventually be housed while in Japan.

In terms of what you would need to enter Japan, the standard travel visa and a valid passport should suffice (for you and each member of your crew) although there may be some special stipulations due to the purpose of your visit (and the equipment you are planning on bringing). A good place to inquire would be any Japanese diplomatic establishment in your area (consulate or embassy for instance).

Beyond that and perhaps more importantly, you would need to have the connections as I stated earlier. Someone or some group of individuals willing to sponsor or showcase you and your crew maybe. Obviously you would need to have someone make all the necessary arrangements and accomodations for you (unless you have access to someone who is fluent in Japanese and assuming your contacts don't speak English) so that they can work hand in hand with your overseas connection(s) to make sure everything is in proper order.

And let's not forget of course that you also would need to have some sort of venue to host your show unless your contacts or sponsors (and I use that term lightly) already have something lined up that is available. Maybe a nightclub or something, not really sure. That brings up the issue of special permits or licenses that might have to be applied for locally (unless your contacts take care of the necessary paperwork assuming everything is in order), who knows...

Finally, you probably need to check when inquiring about a travel visa to Japan if there are any stipulations or legalities re: the specific nature of your show (they should be able to give you a definite answer). I can't say off the top of my head that there are, but I am no such expert in things, heh.

Anyways, I know that's not much to go on but hopefully you will be able to take your show abroad someday. Best of luck to you.
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