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10 Apr 2002
Hello, Does anyone know off hand what kinds of fishes that I can fund at the grocery store here in the midwest USA? I would like to grill 'em for summer time!
Hey Microage97!

Wow, this is really a difficult question and I am not sure, if I can help you, because I am several thousands miles away. But I wonder, whether you have found an answer yet. And if so, how was the fish? :)

If you were not lucky so far, why dont you try Casey's Cajun Fried Fish nearby Oklahoma. As far as I as know, it is not that expensive and you can easily dine there in casual clothes. Or, if dont mind to ride a few hours, I think, New Orleans Finest Fish Restaurant has some good offers too. But I am not sure, whether they really know the Japanese style of preparing fresh fish... ;-)

Go to any market and talk to the butch. Tell him what your doing and what you like.

He will probably as you about cooking method, texture, flavor, fragence, and things of that nature.

They will be able to get you squared away.
Yes but the problem is find the same kinds of fish that I have in Osaka. Most of them are not avaliable here.
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