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3 May 2003
Hi everybody,

I'm Kalyani. I'm an Indian girl. I am right now studying for the 2nd level exam of Japanese Language Proficiency Test, i.e. Ni Kyuu. I am very interested in Japan and all things Japanese. I hope to learn a lot from all you guys as well as help you out in any way I can.

Konnichiwa Kalyani-san!
Hi Kalyani, welcome and Hajimemashite! Please enjoy the forum and learn Japanese things!🙂

Namaste Kalyali ! Welcome aboard !

Where about in India are you from ? What's your mother-tongue ? I am interested as I have been a bit everywhere around India myself.

Thank You, all you guys, for your welcome.

Hi Maciamo,

Good to know that you have visited India.
Well, I live in a city called Pune in the state of Maharashtra.
My mother tongue is Marathi. I can also speak Hindi pretty fluently.
What about you? What all places have you visited?

Good to meet you all.

p.s. One question: how do I put a smiley in my message?
Hi Kalyani !

I know Pune. I haven't been there, but I've heard of a famous ashram there. I've been to Bombay and other places in Maharashtra (Aurangabad, Ellora, Ajanta...). I've been twice to India. Rather than rewrite everything, I let you have a look at my quite long itinerary on my India related webiste

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