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First Japanese female commander of a destroyer


Jan 6, 2007
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I have to apologize, Buntaro, because it may appear I am attempting to upstage your post. That is not my intention, I hope you believe.

My intention is to point out that there seems to be either a slant to that Asahi Shimbun's piece about Captain Ohtani, or the reporter and/or the editor overseeing that reporter's work don't understand a basic point about military service.

Yes, they make the point right away in that article that it is an Aegis class destroyer, but when it comes to command duties, that is not that significant. A combat ship is a combat ship, whether it actually enters into combat or not.

Captain Ohtani has over 6 years of experience at commanding destroyers. The class of destroyer does not make any difference. A command is a command, period.

Why the Asahi devoted only one line in the next to the last paragraph to Capt. Ohtani having earlier command time strikes me as mighty strange.

Let's refer to Time's 2013 piece first:

Just one paragraph:

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The two female officers, Commander Miho Otani, 41, and Commander Ryoko Azuma, 39, took command of the JS Shimayuki and JS Setoyuki, respectively, on Friday. Both warships are used primarily for training purposes, so it’s unlikely they’ll be headed into combat soon.
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Then we'll go to the Japan Times on the command appointment in 2016:

Of course, we see the Japan Times staff using that 'first female skipper' stuff, as well.
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Mar 14, 2002
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The stress seems to be on *Aegis class* destroyer. Perhaps because it is regarded as a more sophisticated piece of military technology than "conventional” destroyers?