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Finding my cousin Kenichi Iwata from Yokohama

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Bella Bee

21 Feb 2017
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I created this account to ask help in finding/to have a communication of my cousin Kenichi Iwata from Yokohama Japan, he is the only son of Fe Iwata (my aunt) shes living here now in the Philippines for good yet my cousin (Kenichi) and my aunt doesn't have any communications at all. It feels sad seeing her that she doesn't have any source of communication to his only son. After the husband of my aunt died in Japan she decided to go back her in the Philippines for good yet my cousin didn't come because its not on his interest living in the Philippines. My aunt is 62 years old and my cousin is like 29 year old. The only thing i know is he lives at 243-0018 KANAGAWA KEN YOKOHAMA SHI-IZUMI-KU KAMI-IIDA DAN-ICHI 1331 12-507 JAPAN, i just wanted to help my aunt, shes living alone in her own house and i can only visit her only for weekends. My goal is to get at least a contact number or a social media account to my cousin Kenichi at least they can communication to each other. See attachment below for his picture. The only picture i have. Thats my cousin Kenichi and my other cousin (girl) thats way back 1999. Thats all.Thank you for reading.
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